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        SIBERIA was the first of the modern generation landform evolution models and was first developed by Prof Garry Willgoose at MIT, Boston in 1989. Since that time it has been extensively reworked, developed and extended with the emphasis of this work being on improving reliability and speed, proofing applications to practical problems, and extensions to the science to improve its physical realism.

SIBERIA is available to researchers for non-commercial purposes for nominal cost.  Generally most people are comfortable with the executable only, but if a good case is made we are prepared to distribute the source code (Fortran 95). SIBERIA is also available for class room teaching purposes.
Commercial users need to buy EAMS, which includes SIBERIA as one of its components. Please contact us for details in all cases (g.willgoose @ telluricresearch.com).

The current version of SIBERIA is V8.33 (1 Dec 2006). View Revision History.

The following links provide further useful information
  • A single page table of SIBERIA capabilities (pdf, HTML)
  • SIBERIA manual (V8.30, 10/2005, pdf format
  • Sample computer animations highlighting theoretical geomorphology concepts
  • Sample computer animations of waste containment cases studies
  • Publications on the development and use of SIBERIA
  • Software downloads
Last updated: 1 December, 2006