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Travel Stuff Yeah well I do a bit of travel for work but this is the fun stuff. I have included a few recent highlights here ... (the panoramas were done with AutoPano ... much better than the junk that comes with some printers and digital cameras) Iceland 2004
Norway, Denmark 2005
Family History Now I'm not obsessed about this like many people can become (e.g. like Veronica) but I have tracked down my ancestors back to the 1700's (mostly England and Germany ) and, yes, I did find a convict in the family. The Australian Willgoose homepage
Model Trains Yup I'm coming out of the closet on this by putting this on a web page but I've been into model railways all my life (mostly building things) . A professor's got to have at least one kink in his life and this is it ... Some models
Home Stuff Now  because we have no kids there are no kiddy photos ... but that doesn't mean we just sit around doing nothing.

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Personal Stuff

Xmas Letters For years now we've been doing a Xmas letter for family and friends ... this is an archive of some of the more recent ones Xmas Archive

Garry's Abodes

Garry in his natural habitat

Garry doing his TIM imitation

Midweek in Newcastle: 2/23 Church St, Newcastle, NSW (map, the abode, the view)
Weekends in Scone: 100 Barton St, Scone, NSW (map, the abode, the view)